Sunday, May 24, 2009


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Thursday, January 04, 2007


This blogger drama seriously got to me, and now, I announce a move to my new blog address:

The blog has been moved with all its posts and comments...just be sure to update your blogrolls :)

See you there :)

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Bugged by blogger issues?

Most readers of Blogspot based blogs are using either the url) or url) to access the blogs. I believe are facing issues in commenting on other blogs too.
A quick fix for this situation is to open the comments page in another window/tab (as your browser permits), and then removing the prefix from the address bar.....leaving only (and so on...) there.
That way you can open the comment page.
Comment away!

Monday, December 18, 2006

Out and About...

Been busy, very busy......also supremely ticked off at the blogspot issues. Frankly speaking I've had it. First goes, then blogget beta dramas, then inblogs/pkblogs comment issues. What the hell is wrong??
I also faced a 2 week wordpress blackout.
Chances are, you might very soon see me on a completely different blog with a unique URL to end all issues once and for all.
Till then, take care and have fun.....

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Silent storms rage through the still air. Burning, slicing and ravaging silently through the once unusually narrow space between fact and fiction. The smell of slowly smouldering flesh mounts itself on the the stormy breeze, permeating through the valleys where beautiful dreams spin their magic upon innicent souls. The dreams cease, freeze in time, decaying slowly, to eventually crumble and annihilate back to nothingness. Dreams they are, they were, once upon a time.
From innocent hues of black to the blazing darkness of clean white.
Everything barren, seemingly clean, hiding oceans of ferociously tamed expressions.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Going around in circles, leads mostly to nothingness. Only sometimes, when you are too, you pick up fine lined details that you could have missed out before, giving you and edge over so many others.
Revolving, in a dervish-esque trance, about the same sacred stone, each time, a new wave of trance, each step, closer to losing oneself. To lose oneself in pursuit of one's dreams and ideas is a dilemma in its own case. Lose yourself, as not to lose your sanity, lose yourself, to escape from everything else and rise to a state of enigmatic consciousness.
Busy week...well, sort of. Wrapping up stage 1, stage 2 lies in wait.
Thankfully Ideas has ended, and traffic around the city is now more easy to go by. What beats me is why there are benches on the PAF museum side of Shahrah e Faisal? Who walks that stretch? Ok fine, the fixed and cleaned up that area for the first time in my almost 2.5 year history of driving through that road, but benches are beyond me!
Today is relaxed...have a meeting at about noon to put finishing touches on the masterpiece. Lets see what finally turns out and when we are actually able to get things moving. Fingers crossed. Need lots of prayers and wishes.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006


I have no idea what to blog about. Quite a few things come and go before one has time to actually sit and focus on anything in its entirety. In short, things have been busy.
After a long long period of being good aquaintences, I met N recently, and we take the opportunity to yak each others heads off pointlessly every once in a while. We've known each other silently for approximately 3 years now, and its always been warm, comforting and peaceful. Now its anything but peaceful, but in the fun sense totally! Its intriguing as to how we as people allow certain relationships to cross cerrain safety barriers over periods of time, making acquaintences, friends and a lot more in the process.
Moving on, things are looking interestingly busy on multiple fronts, lets see what happens in due course of time. Winter has started creeping in, one can actually move around town without getting drenched. The light nip in the air at night, the slight dryness, feels just great.
What else did I make a point to blog about...?
Yeah, attended a seminar yesterday titled "Y is for Youth", aimed at marketing to the youth, and came back with a head ache. It was probably the worst event ive everseen done by the Dawn group!
Best part about yesterday though was the part about me driving home at night. The roads had very light traffic at about 8.30 pm! I managed to breeze home and in the process I almost believed it was past 11!
The drive to work this morning too, was fairly comfortable as compared to normal days. I guess the citzens of this city are freaked out by potential traffic jam threats!

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